Mark Palmer,
  • Addressing the most difficult of business challenges
  • One small step at a time,
    The right action in the right order
  • Working Together
    Achieving more than thought possible
Incremental steps to revolutionary results
Mark Palmer
Leader, CEO, Sales Executive
Mentor, Educator
About Mark
Mark Palmer's skills and perspective that have proven to be transformational for organizations and individuals worldwide. Mark peers into seemingly complex situations and radically simplifies the relationship between the desired outcome and the steps necessary to get there.

At the heart of this process is Mark’s ability to ask seemingly simple questions that are so incisive they compel people to shift their thinking and move into new and more effective forms of action.

Engage with Mark and quickly achieve a new way of thinking about yourself and your business. Overcome obstacles, build successful teams, gain clarity about your objectives and the steps required to get you there.

Providing skillful guidance through challenges that are generally perceived as difficult, if not undoable.
Mark is a trusted advisor helping clients to achieve their objectives through experience based success
Supporting your effort to be the best that you can be.
Understanding Ear
Experience Based Perspective
Reason Based Guidance
Mark is a catalyst for clients to achieve objectives through a well-tested process
Creating a sound plan for sustainable expansion.
Facing a tough business challenge?
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"I have worked with Mark as a trusted advisor for over five years. He has helped me map out all the major functions of my company and look at my business with a fresh perspective. This has resulted in our ability to grow despite a difficult economy. Mark’s process is now integral to my management process."

Michael Daoud, CEO, Visus, LLC
"Mark has given us valuable insights into our sales process that have moved the needle in scalability, productivity and sales management through a focus on best practices."

Brett Caine, President, Citrix Online
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